The Magnetic Expert Video Series

The Magnetic Expert campaign runs on a simple 5-step system designed to get you pre-qualified and pre-sold prospects at a discount while positioning you as a knowledgeable and credible authority from the start.

What is the Magnetic Expert campaign?

In this video, you'll discover the simplest (and most repeatable) system for attracting cold strangers and turn them into lukewarm prospects.

Step one: picking tiny audience.

In step one, you'll niche way down and pick 3 tiny audiences to target in the upcoming steps. This will simplify your targeting, your messaging, and your whole campaign.

Step two: solving mini-obstacle.

In step two, you'll solve a mini-obstacle that gets your audience closer to your paid solution, while showcasing your skills and demonstrating your knowledge and credentials.

Step three: writing promotional blurb.

In step three, you'll write a simple promotional blurb describing your 'results-in-advance doc' straight to the point and without hype-y nonsense or flowery language.

Step four: running messenger ad.

In step four, you'll set up a 'messenger ad' campaign and test your 3 tiny audiences with my Triple Threat Testing Method. You'll also set up a pixel to ethically follow people around.

Step five: having transformative conversations.

In step five, your only job is to have transformative conversations with the people who slide into your DMs asking for help. Tweak your messaging and offers based on their feedback.

Putting the pieces together

Congratulations! By now you should have your very own Magnetic Expert campaign published and ready to start getting messages of interested people in your target market :)

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