"Turning Posts Into Payments


Sell products and services using *only* your profile and "newsfeed sequences".

"Turning Posts Into Payments" mini-workshop.

"Turning Posts Into Payments" mini-workbook.


'Sexy offer' post breakdown.

The 'invisible' post.

The anatomy of the 'invisible' post.

The 'M&M' post.

The R.A.C.S.O. Framework outline.

The R.A.C.S.O. Framework video walkthrough.

Influence Activators.

One hundred and change content-starters.

30 days of post ideas.

"Turning Posts Into Payments" case study.

In this video, I break down how a known marketer uses "newsfeed sequences" to sell their stuff.

Colin Theriot bonus interview.

In this video, I interview Colin Theriot on his organic marketing and posting strategy.

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