The Magnetic Expert Toolkit

Simple “fill-in-the-blanks” templates and “easy-to-use” frameworks to spread the word, share your message, and sell some stuff.

Wanna know the number one reason why coaches don't have enough clients?

The obvious answer would be to say that *most* coaches struggle with marketing their business -- which makes sense since they’re specialists in what they do just not in spreading the word about it -- but that's not it.

It's also not because they don't know their stuff or they’re bad at what they do.

Far from it.

The *real* reason?

It's just not being 'there' enough.

As in, not having enough content hitting their audience where they hang out at.

And at any and all points in their own "buyer's journey".

Not enough offers being made. 

Not enough emails being sent. 

Not enough blog posts. 

Not enough social media posts. 

Just not enough “breadcrumbs”. 

Breadcrumbs = strategic pieces of content that attract your audience towards you and keep you top-of-mind in the eyes of your target market

Because if you’re not constantly publishing content for your expert business, no one else will. And you know who is? Your competition!

And I get it…

Creating these breadcrumbs can be hard work. And it needs focused attention.

Especially since there are countless platforms to take care of. 

Emails... posts... sales letters... ads... lead magnets... social media posts... video scripts...

Each with its own nuances.

And each requires their own angles, themes, and big ideas.

Not to mention...

A constant need of new headlines, subject lines, and posts and blog topics that we have to produce consistently.


Some of us need inspiration, too.

Especially when the dreaded blank page stares back into the windows of our souls and the ideas are just not flowing.

Been-there-done-that. One too many times.

It’s actually what made me reverse-engineer my process for creating these breadcrumbs.

And hit my audience at any point in their journey. And through any platform they frequent.

Because only 3% to 5% of people are ready to buy right here right now.

But, sadly, that’s who most --if not all-- coaches are going after.

Right for the sale - at all costs.

Pretty much, neglecting 95% to 97% of the marketplace.

You know, the ones who buy within 90 days and do business with the ones who are still in contact with them.

Top of mind.

At all times.


I was tired of always starting from scratch.

Always waiting for inspiration.

Always needing to be “on”.

Sitting with my laptop for hours. Nothing coming out.

And even when it did come out, it would look good. It wouldn’t read well.

I had no system. No process.

It’s why I created...

The Magnetic Expert Toolkit.

Simple “fill-in-the-blanks” templates and “easy-to-use” frameworks to spread the word, share your message, and sell some stuff.

I’ve put together a “plug-and-play” kit for experts who want to share their message and expertise with the ones who need it most.

It contains templates, frameworks, and even short video explanations to make it easy for anyone looking to spread the word and sell products and services.

Let me break it down for ya so you can see if you want it or not:

For the “captivating” stage to attract cold strangers and get their attention...

➡️ There’s a simple-and-to-the-point ad framework I created for my paid ads.

➡️ There’s a “3-sentence” ad framework I swiped from Billy Gene (full credit to him).

➡️ There’s a lead magnet framework to use as bait to build your list or group or ecosystem.

➡️ There’s an 'inspiration' folder of short ads I found and curated to see how you can create yours.

➡️ There’s 100 fully-templatized subject lines from the world’s top marketers.

For the “connecting” stage where those cold strangers and turned into lukewarm prospects through an ecosystem or platform…

➡️ There’s the R.A.C.S.O. Framework outline to create engaging sales and nurture messages FAST.

➡️ There’s a “welcome sequence” framework if you’re building a list.

➡️ There’s 30 days of post ideas if you’re marketing organically.

➡️ There’s one hundred and one content ideas for posts and emails so you never stare at a blank screen again.

And finally…

For the “converting” stage where those lukewarm prospects are turned into happy customers and repeat buyers by *selling without selling*…

➡️ There’s a sales letter framework that follows persuasive flows and proven patterns of conversion.

➡️ There’s a 96-hour "flash sale" framework if you want to sell something to your list quickly and easily.

➡️ There’s a “sexy offer” post framework if you’d like to structure an offer to sell through any platform.

➡️ There’s an “M&M” post framework for writing simple posts based on current event and matching them to your products and services. 

All in all...

The Magnetic Expert Toolkit includes everything necessary for experts to create and publish an almost unlimited amount of breadcrumbs in order to spread the word and get the right type of attention and clients.

How much is the Magnetic Expert Toolkit?

It’s been a combined 20+ years in the industry to be able to put something like this together.

Yet, you’ll get the shortcuts without spending time learning copywriting or spending money on writers who don’t sound like you.

What’s best is, once you put the Magnetic Expert Toolkit to use, you’ll shorten your writing and structuring content in half.

And you’ll have breadcrumbs hitting prospects and buyers at all stages of their journey.

Which leads to cementing yourself as *the* go-to authority in your field and an easier path to the sale than otherwise.

The Magnetic Expert Toolkit sells normally for $100.

But you won’t pay that.

Or even half that.

For a short window of time, you can get the Magnetic Expert Toolkit for only $25.

The best part is…

money back

You’re covered by our Lifetime Guarantee.

Which means, you can get the Magnetic Expert Toolkit now and, if for any reason under the sun you want your money back, we’ll send it right back to ya. No BS. No questions asked. If you’re not satisfied, then we don’t want yo’ money.

As you can see, you have nothing to lose - the risk is solely on my shoulders so feel free to take the Magnetic Expert Toolkit on a test-drive.

Just picture yourself opening up your laptop, picking a template or framework from the Magnetic Expert Toolkit and having a ‘ready-to-publish’ email or post or sales letter or script in half the time.

No more waiting for inspiration to hit or for ideas to appear.

No more issues structuring content in a way that’s as engaging as a slippery slope so that it actually gets consumed.

At this point, you have two choices:

You can keep doing what you’re doing and start publishing more breadcrumbs on your own to attract, entertain, and sell to your audience.

Or you can get the Magnetic Expert Toolkit and slash your writing time in half and get an almost unlimited amount of ideas and topic starters to never stare at the blank screen again.

Want us to create *your* Magnetic Expert campaign?


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