The Magnetic Expert System.

How to turn cold strangers into lukewarm prospects that might want to buy what you sell.

At its core, a customer-journey would look like this. 

Cold stranger -> lukewarm prospects-> happy customers/repeat buyers. 

Of course, there are more nuances and intricacies depending on specific circumstances. 

But, in its essence, this is how someone who’s never heard of you turns into someone who buys from you. 

Which can only mean one thing:

We need to meet our audience wherever they are in their own journey. 

Otherwise, your message won’t land as 'hard' as it would if it was targeted based on which stage in their journey they’re in. 

For example:

Think of a dude meeting a dudette at a party and asking her for marriage right on the spot. 

Most likely, that won’t go well, will it?

It’s why there’s a 'getting-to-know-each-other' part before that. 

So that both parties understand what they’re getting into.

And so they can make educated decisions based on past data that feed the choices they’ll take in the future. 

Hashtag romance. 

Either way…

It’s why the Magnetic Expert System has three stages. 

Check this out:

Cold stranger -> lukewarm prospect -> happy customer/repeat buyer.

‘Captivating’ stage -> ‘connecting’ stage -> ‘converting’ stage. 

(In terms of deliverables, it'd be: gift/bait -> breadcrumbs -> sale)

These are *the* building-blocks of successful expert marketing. 

What the top-dogs are doing yet they don’t tell you about. 

It’s the strategy behind the tactics. 

It’s the system itself. 

But it also has an engine it runs on which I’ll tell you about in a little bit. 

First, let me break down the three stages so you can start planning your own marketing by accordingly. And so you never struggle with spreading the word again. Essentially, this is how you get people flocking to you and become a welcome guest rather than an annoying pest - as grumpy ol' Dan Kennedy would say.

Here they are:

Stage One - ‘captivating. This is where we attract cold strangers by solving urgent problems they’re experiencing and filtering them into our ecosystem. 

Stage Two - ‘connecting. This is where we communicate with our audience in our ecosystem through stories and case studies and methodologies and turn them into lukewarm prospects who might want to buy what we sell. 

Stage Three - ‘converting. This is where we 'sell-without-selling' and influence buying-decisions by mere recommendations and mentions or reminders of products and services we own or others own. 

You can start to see how the system feeds off of itself. 

Every stage has a purpose and is connected all throughout to get from point A to point B. 

Point A being the “present island” they’re in - their lives now being consumed by the problem they’re tired of struggling with. 

And point B being the “future island” they want to be in - they’re lives after they consume your paid solution and implement it. 

In all honesty, and in this analogy, you want people on their way to "future island" - meaning, they're tired of the status quo and they're actually taking action but they might be noticing they need help and might be drowning.

Kinda like this:


By saving the people that are drowning, you're immediately positioned as a trusted advisor unlike others pushing their products and services at all costs - missing the opportunity to develop an authentic connection and build trust that pays off immediately (as you're actually helping people) and might pay off eventually (as you offer the opportunity of working with them further for an acceleration of results through your expertise).

But I told you about the engine the Magnetic Expert System runs on, didn’t I?

We’ll, that’s Ice Cube:

Ahem, sorry… I mean:

The "I's Cube"

This is the “cube” your audience is in once you take them under your care. Once they land into your ecosystem. Protected from others - from lesser competition and products or services that they shouldn’t even pay attention to because they’re just not as good as yours. 

And just like a cube that has six sides, so does the "I’s Cube": 

  • Identify.
  • Intrigue.
  • Invite.
  • Inform.
  • Indoctrinate.
  • Influence. 

Each side belonging to one of the three stages of expert marketing, like so:

For the ‘captivating stage (where we attract cold strangers into our ecosystem):

  • Identify. This is where we pick and choose our Transactional Triangle (hungry audience, sexy offer, and bridging mechanism). Without knowing this, most campaigns and promotions fail flat and won’t ever be profitable. If the Magnetic Expert System is the roadmap, then the Transactional Triangle is its compass.

  • Intrigue. This is where we develop our gift/bait we’ll be giving away to our audience in exchange for their contact information. We need to solve an urgent problem ahead of time to position ourselves as trusted advisors even before money exchanges hands which differentiates us from the rest instantly.

  • Invite. This is where we make them an invitation to join our ecosystem. We showcase the value and benefits rather than being pushy and salesy. It’s their choice to make and we’ll be here if they need us. 

For the ‘connecting stage (where we turn cold strangers into lukewarm prospects who might want to buy what we sell):

  • Inform. This is where we share value to our audience through educational material that is both engaging and consumable. I call these *breadcrumbs*.

  • Indoctrinate. This is where we display case studies and stories and credentials and testimonials when relevant to strengthen the points we’re making as we keep in constant communication with our audience through the platforms they frequent the most. 

For the ‘converting stage (where we turn lukewarm prospects into happy customers and repeat buyers that refer others like them):

  • Influence. This is where we 'sell-without-selling' and reap the benefits of the trust and rapport we’ve cultivated by sharing value all along. At this point, we can influence buying-decisions by making recommendations that we think will better our audience’s lives. 

As you can see, by the time our audience is through the three stages, they’re primed to take it to the next level. 

Some of them might even be ready to buy - and not through manipulation techniques or hard-selling…

But through good marketing best practices and having a system that works for you rather than you being on it at all times. 

Can you see how having the Magnetic Expert System in your business help you take it to the next level?

These are not one-off tactics that you deploy and forget about. 

This is a true-and-tried system that has been used by top experts in multiple industries since we were bartering in robes. 

I’ve just distilled it and condensed it into what matters most: 




While making good money, of course ;)

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