You’re In! (Well… kinda?)

~David ‘ Lord’ Rosa

You’ve made it this far. That means you’re one of the good ones.

We’re letting you in to the whole Magnetic Expert System in its entirety. You’ll be one of the first on the planet to go through it, too.

We have little minions crawling under the floorboards as you read these words to keep you posted on the progress.

But first, you need to “confirm your subscription” by checking your email and clicking the button that looks like the one you see below:

Do that, and you’re definitely in!

Just be on the lookout for ‘[MES]‘ in the subject line. That way you know the email comes from us and is about the Magnetic Expert System.

Gracias (“thanks”) for coming this far, we’re almost there! 🙂

David Rosa

The guy behind the curtain