The R.A.C.S.O. Framework


Want to get pre-qualified prospects sliding into *your* DMs without breaking the bank?

Want to write engaging sales AND nurture messages FAST?

And do it constantly since you have an audience to send content to.

An audience who’s expecting quality from ya – since that’s all you’ve been giving them so far.

Which, to be honest, since you’ve already set the bar high for yourself – it kinda makes it harder, huh?


If you’re like me…

You truly care.

And you don’t want to post crap.


It’s just not worth the trouble, is it?

You want to post content that’s valuable… that catches attention and holds it… that showcases your expertise… that ‘wows’ people… that positions you highly in the eyes of your peeps and your peeps only… that influences them to take an action… that sells…

But it’s tough to do it over and over again.

Day in and day out.

Especially, if you want to keep them engaged and coming back for more.

Trust me, I’ve been there. And I know it can be a huge pain in the arse.

Looking back…

To past content I’ve written…

I realized it was following certain patterns in both sales and nurturing messages.

Five, to be exact.

Five different sections with five different purposes.

So that each piece of content takes the viewer/listener/reader all the way from captivation → to connection → to conversion.

Seamlessly and with little effort.

At a certain point, I assimilated this made-up framework within my soul’s brain.

And I decided to give it a name.

I called it:

🌟The R.A.C.S.O. Framework🌟

(Because I’m an egotistical megalomaniac who tries to name everything after him – that’s why)

And I’ve broken it all down in an hour-or-so mini-workshop you can get today.

Feeding it to you in digestible chunks – just like a loving mama-bird would.

So you can write engaging nurture or sales content FAST.

(Cue the cliche: “money loves speed” and whatnot)

After all…

The R.A.C.S.O. Framework is how I personally write 90% of my own content.

In fact, I’m using it right now as you read these words.

Which means…

You can use the framework to write:

✍️ Emails.
✍️ Posts.
✍️ Scripts.
✍️ VSLs.
✍️ Sales letters.

And any nurture or sales message you’d like to send to your audience to build a stronger relationship and sell your stuff.

Without hiring a copywriter… without going over long ass courses or never-ending video trainings… without learning hours of theory instead of practical stuff that’s proven to work and that you can use on the spot…

Before I tell you what you’re getting when you reserve your spot in the mini-workshop, let me tell you what the R.A.C.S.O. Framework stands for:

👉 Relate/resonate.
👉 Agitate/aggravate.
👉 Connect/correlate.
👉 Solve/seduce.
👉 Offer/opportunity.

As you can see…

The R.A.C.S.O. Framework guides your writing from beginning to end so there’s no guesswork.

Plus, it’s embedded with “influence activators” all around.

In the mini-workshop, you’ll also learn:

🤔 How to immediately grab the attention of your audience and keep it all the way to the end.

🤔 How to choose the right pain points your audience will react to the most.

🤔 How to create a sense of familiarity and helpfulness even if this is your first message to them.

🤔 How to write simple ads that get attention and influence decisions.

🤔 How to craft offers that are hard to say ‘no’ to.

Among other things 🙂

More specifically, you’ll get:

📌 The video recording.
📌 The slides.
📌 The audio.
📌 The transcript.

Also, before the mini-workshop itself, I’ll send you a mini-workbook.

Answer some questions, fill it out ahead of time, and you’ll have 90% of a sales or nurture message ready to be published on the spot.

By the time the mini-workshop is over –and if you follow along and implement– you’ll have a polished message to send to your audience with my blessings.

As if that wasn’t enough…

You’ll also get 2 PDFs:

1️⃣ The first one contains one hundred and one topic ideas.

2️⃣ The second one contains one hundred email subject lines templates.

They’re both a resource for almost unlimited content-starters you can flesh out with the R.A.C.S.O. Framework.


I gotchu boo.

How much is the mini-workshop?


Here’s the link:

What if you hate the R.A.C.S.O. Framework mini-workshop?

Just send me a message and I’ll send your money back.

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

Will you benefit from the R.A.C.S.O. Framework mini-workshop?

If you sell your expertise –whether you’re a coach, consultant, freelancer, product creator, service provider, or anything in between– you need constant content AND eyeballs on that content.

And you need it to be engaging enough to keep their attention all the way through.

To impact, indoctrinate, and influence them.

Then, my friend, this is for you.

Next time you’re racking your brain for content, just lay out the framework and fill in the blanks.

No need to be “on” or “in-state” or be creative.

This way you’ll always put your best foot forward – cuz first impressions matter and all that.

You in?

It’s $100.

-racsO #adnerd
Lord Rosa

P.S. If you hate long ass messages like this one, perhaps you scrolled down to the P.S. you lazy bastard.

It’s ok, I usually do the same.

TL;DR version: I’ve put together a mini-workshop breaking down the R.A.C.S.O. Framework.

It’s $100.

By the way…

You can use the R.A.C.S.O. Framework both for sales AND nurture messages.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing sales letters, VSLs, emails, posts, or scripts.

The fundamentals of persuasion are already embedded within the framework.

So you’re always spitting out messages that engage and sell.

Quickly and without much effort.

It’s all about stealth influence.

And taking people from captivation of their attention… to connection by keeping their interest all the way through… to conversion and getting them to perform an action you want them to take.

See ya in the mini-workshop!

(You’ve read this far – I’m gonna assume you’re in, duh!)

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