“Turning Posts Into Payments”

(It already happened)

Want to sell your stuff through your newsfeed and turn posts into payments?

You and I both know that to sell our products and services we need a platform with decent traffic to display them goods.

The platforms everyone talks about are:

🗣 A membership site.
🗣 A Facebook group.
🗣 A YouTube channel.
🗣 An email list.


Using these platforms, you can position yourself as THE solution to your audiences problems… a credible authority and trusted advisor who has their best interests at heart… and you can show up over and over again as long as you help people progress towards their goals…

(And until they buy what you sell and beyond)

The only problem is, you might need to some money and time to build them.


The one platform everyone sleeps on is your own profile and newsfeed.

Especially if you’re an expert in your field and are already “friends” with your peers.

Which means you already have an audience of prospects who might be interested in buying what you’re selling.

Yet not a lot of us are using our newsfeeds as a way to turn posts into payments.

It’s no surprise cuz, from what I’ve seen, not many know what to do or how to do it.

Which is where I was a year or two ago.

Until I posted a simple teaser post to gauge interest – followed by a post detailing what I had in mind.

After a few DMs and eventual sales…

I knew I was into something.

And ever since them, I’ve been selling through my newsfeed using sequential posts that turn into payments.


Pretty much following the same idea of email sequences.

You know…

Welcome sequences… nurture sequences… story based sequences… and enrollment launch sequences…

They all follow proven patterns and persuasive flows that can easily be replicated.

And repurposed as “newsfeed sequences” of sorts.

That’s how I’ve sold products…services… audits… consultations… “intensives”… and mini-workshops…

With simple posts like this one.

What kind of posts?

The Kinds of Posts that Ding our Stripe Account Over and Over Again

In this workshop, you’ll find:

✅ How to gauge interest and measure demand for your supply so you don’t waste time launching products and services no one wants.

✅ How to create and structure your offers so that they sell themselves.

✅ The exact posts you should have in your “newsfeed sequence” to make as many sales as possible.

✅ How to get your posts seen by only your peers and not your friends and family.

✅ The most important post you’ll create and how to ensure everyone sees it.

✅ The one post responsible for getting the most shares and engagement so that “new” people see it outside of your friends’ list.

Among other cool stuff.

By the time you’re done with the mini-workshop, you’ll have the foundations of a “newsfeed sequence” ready to go.

All you gotta do is fill in the blanks and publish or send them to start turning posts into payments.

❌ Without a budget.
❌ Without name-recognition.
❌ Without complicated funnels and tech.

Just simple posts like the one you’re reading now.

No magic. Nothing fancy. No BS.

Oh and by the way, you’ll also get:

🎁 30 days of post ideas Google Doc to always know what to post about and stay too-of-mind.

🎁 The R.A.C.S.O. Framework outline so you know how to write engaging sales AND nurture posts with ease and never start from scratch.

🎁 A video breakdown of a known marketer running his own “newsfeed sequence” so you know how to structure your own.

Who’s this for?

You might be wondering if this is right for you…

well, this workshop is perfect for…

Freelancers… consultants… coaches… business owners… entrepreneurs… product creators… service providers… and of course…

Experts who want to share their message with their peers and sell them solutions to their problems.

And as always, you have our 6-year money-back guarantee.

Join the mini-workshop, get all the bonuses, and if you hate even a second of it, just let me know and I’ll send you all the money back.

Sure, I have an accent from Peru and Lord Rosa has no hair, but that shouldn’t take away from the value of turning your message & calling into profits.

But, really… It’s that simple. if you don’t feel as if there isn’t enough value in this mini package, let us know and you’ll get every dime back.

How much is the “Turning Posts Into Payments” mini-workshop?

$100. Flat

Check it out right here:

If you have even a small audience and an offer that can help solve problems, then this should be a no brainer.

We’ve used the information in this workshop multiple times to pay for vacations, small expenses and even to open the floodgates to our ecosystem.

The magic is there, waiting to be used. With out combined 30 years of experience in this marketing world…

You stand to risk far less than trying to learn on your own. (Like we did)

So, are you ready to take the leap?

Who’s this for?

Freelancers… consultants… coaches… business owners… entrepreneurs… product creators… service providers… and…

Experts who want to share their message with their peers and sell them solutions to their problems.

Join us and start writing simple posts and messages that turn your genius into profits.

Get “Turning Posts Into Payments” mini-workshop and I’ll show ya how. Click the button to jump in.

-racsO #adnerd

P.S. Questions? Let me know 🙂