Tiny people make big wavez.

Step one: picking tiny audience.

I’m talking about choosing a niche-of-a-niche-of-a-niche and diving deep into an uber specific pocket-of-people.

Yes, I know you can serve a broader market than this one, but bear with me for a second…

By picking a tiny audience, you’ll relate and resonate with them ONLY - which will make your messaging super-targeted and your offer laser-focused.

And guess what?

At the same time, you’ll be repelling others who don’t want what you have because they don’t qualify for this specific offer.

Now, before you think I’m insane…

This doesn't mean you won’t ever talk to the peeps you’re repelling or never work with them. It only means they’re not the target market for this one campaign.

When you niche way down and pick a tiny audience, you can tailor your messaging and your offer strictly to them.

This leads to articulating their problems to the ‘T’ and creating a tailored solution that fits like a glove.

As if that wasn’t enough…

Your targeting gets easier, which means you can find them faster and talk to them in their language.

TO-DO: pick a tiny audience, stereotype them (don’t be shy, nobody’s going to read this), and separate them into 3 categories.

Just do it, this will make sense in a minute ;)

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