Five simple steps to attract cold strangers and turn them into lukewarm prospects.

If you’ve been online for a minute, you might’ve noticed there are countless ways to get clients.

Organic content… product creation… webinars… cold emailing… cold calling… funnel building… recording a bunch of videos… and even setting up all the ‘integrations’ to connect them all…

Oooooooooooffff… my brain’s heart just teared up from reading all of that :’(


These activities take a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of skills, and most of the time, a lot of green paper – aka mucho dinero.

Trust me, I know. Been there, done that and whatnot. 

Now, don’t get me wrong…

I’m not shitting on these activities at all. They work – if you use ‘em the right way, of course.

The issue here is performing them *ahead of time*. 

You know, without knowing for a fact whether your target market wants what you’re selling or not.

If you’re in the middle of those activities, you’re lucky you’re reading this. Just take a little break, get yourself a glass of wine, and keep reading below. I have a feeling you’re gonna like this.

“Ok, so now that you’ve painted a gloomy picture, you balding bastard, what is the alternative then?”

Umm, ouch, but yes, I’m glad you asked 🙂

There IS a better way.

One that positions you as a credible authority from the start… one that has people chasing YOU rather than the other way around… one that pre-sells, pre-qualifies, and pre-selects people even before they get to you…

  • Without having a website.
  • Without endless funnels and upsells.
  • Without writing email sequences ahead of time.
  • Without having to awkwardly cold message people as soon as they accept your friend request asking them “how they’re doing?” to then bait-and-switch their asses off and ending up as a viral meme.


Here are 5 simple steps to attract cold strangers and turn them into lukewarm prospects:

Step one: pick a tiny audience.

I’m talking about choosing a niche-of-a-niche-of-a-niche and diving deep into an uber specific pocket-of-people.

Yes, I know you can serve a broader market than this one, but bear with me for a second…

By picking a tiny audience, you’ll relate and resonate with them ONLY – which will make your messaging super-targeted and your offer laser-focused.

And guess what?

At the same time, you’ll be repelling others who don’t want what you have because they don’t qualify for this specific offer.

Now, before you think I’m insane…

This doesn’t mean you won’t ever talk to the peeps you’re repelling or never work with them. It only means they’re not the target market for this one campaign.

When you niche way down and pick a tiny audience, you can tailor your messaging and your offer strictly to them.

This leads to articulating their problems to the ‘T’ and creating a tailored solution that fits like a glove.

As if that wasn’t enough…

Your targeting gets easier, which means you can find them faster and speak to them in their language.

In short…

Just pick a tiny audience based on the main problem you solve, stereotype them (don’t be shy, nobody’s going to read this), and separate them into 3 categories.

These 3 categories could be by software they use, industry celebrities they follow, or even interests they share.

Just do it, this will make sense in a minute 😉

Step two: solve a mini-obstacle.

If you map a prospect’s journey to you and your solution, chances are, they need to solve a few mini-obstacles first, as you can see below:

This is a good opportunity to solve one of their problems ahead of time… showcase your skills… demonstrate your knowledge… indoctrinate them into your methodologies… and give tons of valuable insights BEFORE money exchanges hands.

But how do you do that?

Through a simple one-pager (just like the one you’re reading now).

The fact that you’re giving away this one-pager and solving problems in a step-by-step fashion creates a sense of reciprocity and positions you as a knowledgeable and credible authority.

The best part is, not only does this grab their attention, it also attracts them towards you like commissioner Gordon turning on the bat-signal to call on the Dark Knight himself.

That’s why it’s a good idea to strategically solve an urgent problem they desperately need help with. It’s the key to getting the attention of your tiny audience.

This one-pager can be either:

  • Towards a positive – think of a marketing consultant talking about “7 ways to promote your business locally without breaking the bank”. The people raising their hands asking for it are instantly identifying themselves as business owners and interested in ways they can grow – which means once they’ve consumed the one-pager, they’re primed for more.


  • Avoiding a negative – think of a bankruptcy lawyer talking about “5 mistakes to avoid at all costs before filing for bankruptcy”. The people raising their hands asking for it are instantly identifying themselves as being in financial trouble – which means once they’ve consumed the one-pager, they’re more knowledgeable about the subject and might need help actually filing.

Suddenly, your tiny audience is better educated and aware of more possibilities than before – which means they now have additional problems you can help them with.

All you gotta do now is create a simple one-pager walking your audience through solving a mini-obstacle that gets them closer to you and your paid solution. 

Step three: write a promotional blurb.

This is the easiest step of them all.

Forget about all the copywriting nonsense and manipulation tricks you’ve learned in the past. 


Trying to ‘copywrite’ and come up with the perfect way to write them words will actually delay your progress.

And it might make you sound like a sleaze ball. Plain and simple.

Here’s what to do instead:

Just describe the one-pager. Literally.

You know, talk about the problem it solves, how it makes their lives better, why they should get it and where they can get it.

That’s it.

No need to use sleazy tactics or flowery language.

The fact that you’re solving an urgent mini-obstacle they desperately need help with, lets the description of the one-pager do the heavy-lifting.

Here’s an example:

See? Simple AF.

Trust me, you don’t need to overcomplicate shit.

People that resonate with the problem will want to get your solution.

“But, hey, how do they get my solution?”


Step four: running messenger ad. 

You’re going to take that promotional blurb and set it up as a “messenger ad” within Facebook.

Which means, they’ll be sliding into your DMs in order to get the one-pager.

Having them chasing YOU rather than you chasing them.

Getting them off of their newsfeeds and into your ‘ecosystem’ – aka your (and their) Facebook messenger app – where you have more control over the conversation.

Ok, so first things first…

Set up your own Facebook Ads Manager. If you don’t have one yet, just Google it and follow the steps.

You don’t “need” to have one, but trust me, it’ll make your life much easier once you do.


After you create a new campaign, choose “Messages” as your campaign objective, like so:

After that, you have the chance to test the 3 tiny audiences you picked on Step 1:

Make sure you pick the right gender, age, location, and interests.

And finally, on the ad level, you enter your promotional blurb from Step 3 and a simple Canva graphic you can create for free that details the one-pager. Just like this:

Now all you gotta do is press “Publish” and wait for the Facebook minions to approve and display your ad and you’re off to the races.

Step five: have transformative conversations.

Once you put this promotional blurb out in the open, people will start to slide into your DMs and ask for the one-pager.

Instead of you seeking people out, the reverse happens.

All you have to do now is deliver your promise, ask questions, and serve them first before selling anything.

See what they’re suffering from, survey them, get feedback, and testimonials if you can.

Again, now they’re in your ecosystem.

They stopped scrolling and are getting into your messenger asking for more. It’s up to you to close and sell them the way you usually do.

By now, you’ve demonstrated what you can do and you’re seen in a different light than any of your competitors who are cold emailing or cold messaging and wondering why nothing’s working.

PRO-TIP: Inside the one-pager, make sure you’re giving plenty of examples... lots of social proof and case studies... relevant stats to strengthen your point... and establish your credentials and your mission.

Make your one-pager easily consumable and actionable and tease it to your audience so they actually go through it and get a quick win.

This will all help you with the ‘know, like, and trust’ factor and make selling your paid solution much easier since now your audience is more knowledgeable, educated, and indoctrinated into your methodologies and principles.

Now you have ALL the tools to start attracting cold strangers and turn them into lukewarm prospects.

Follow these 5 simple steps and you’ll get pre-qualified and pre-sold prospects at a discount.

Without compromising your sanity and values.

And by actually helping and serving people before money exchanges hands.

Which then positions you as a knowledgeable and credible authority from the get-go.

I’d love to hear your results!

By the way…

These five steps are the building blocks of the Magnetic Expert campaign that I’ve used for myself and for my clients. If you need help to set one up, just schedule a call below and I’ll help out 🙂

-racsO #adnerd