The Organic Launch Equation

If you’re an expert who’d like to sell products and services through your own social media profile…

❌ Without a budget.
❌ Without name-recognition.
❌ Without a brand, a website, or “reach”.

You can’t go wrong by treating your newsfeed as an email sequence.

Which is, pretty much, the premise of the Organic Launch Equation – or OLE for short.

I’ve realized not many are doing this which means there’s a lot of money being left on the table.

With OLE, we use our lame personal social media profiles with no name-recognition and barely any reach (and most definitely zero budget) as a platform to pre-sell and ultimately sell products and services.


Through short and long strategic posts tackling different parts of the main offer that’s being sold.

It’s kinda like having a “newsfeed sequence” similar to an email one.

For example:

It all starts with the “Curious George” post designed to measure demand and calibrate accordingly.

Then, it’s the “sexy offer” post followed by the “origin story” post to cement and break down key parts of the offer.

After that, it comes the “inception” post to shift beliefs and shine a light on wrong misconceptions that positions you as a trusted advisor who knows their stuff.

Followed by a combination of “objection-handling” posts and “social proof” posts designed to differentiate yourself from the rest and show a glimpse behind-the-scenes to stay top-of-mind until the end of your promotion or launch.

Sprinkled within all these posts is the “M&M” post – which is my favorite, really.

It’s about starting the post with a current-event or topic that’s on everyone’s minds right now and relating it to your offer.

(Not to mention, the “invisible” post which is so hush-hush, I have to tell you about it within a parenthesis – yet it’s a game-changer for getting engagement and shares)

At the end, it’s all about the “urgency/scarcity” post to tie a bow on the offer and gently push fence-sitters into buyers.

All of these posts are part of the Organic Launch Equation which you can get for $50 until midnight on December 31st, 2021.

In the new year, OLE is coming off the market cuz we’ll be running a mini-workshop about it and that’ll be the new offer.

It’s the Profitable Personal Profile Pre-selling Promotions Process mini-workshop that’ll be replacing OLE. (Name still under consideration and review)

But guess what?

Getting OLE right now means you’ll get a spot for the mini-workshop at no cost.

That’s right, if you invest in OLE now, you’ll immediately have free lifetime access to the live mini-workshop and the recording too.

(FYI, these mini-workshops sell for $100 a pop inside The Magnetic Experts’ Community)

As if that wasn’t enough…

  • You’ll also get the R.A.C.S.O. Framework outline to create sales and nurture posts fast without ever starting from scratch.

  • Plus a checklist for launching any product or service organically using only your personal social media profile as your main unpaid platform.

  • And a case study video so you can see OLE being used “in the wild” by a known marketer through his own profile.

  • Oh and you also get some videos breaking down the posts in more detail so you can take action ASAP and start selling products and services through your own social media profile too.


Let me know here and I’ll send you a PayPal link.

There’s no sales letter or order form for this cuz this is being offered internally to my peeps only.

I have A LOT more testimonials to share about OLE (ask me if you want), but for now, this is what Alex S. Elliot had to say about it:

“As a product owner about to launch on social media, OLE was invaluable in giving me both an understanding of how to launch on social media, as well as, a structure and roadmap with which to do so. Great program if you’re looking to take advantage of the wealth of organic traffic that’s easily available to you (if you follow the OLE formula) for your launches.”

-Alex S. Elliot

Btw, this is how I’ve been selling “x-rays”, copywriting packages, products and services, and even mini-workshops using only my lame personal profile with no name-recognition or budget.

There might be other ways. This is just MY way.

If you like my stuff and wanna do the same, OLE will show you how.

Happy holidays!

-racsO #adnerd

P.S. Not sure? As always, you have our 6-year money-back guarantee. Not 7 days, not 30 days, not 90 days. You have 6 full years to make a decision if this is right before you or not. You no likey, you no pay.