“I’m just the messenger”

~Plato… I think…

Step four: running messenger ad.

You’re going to take that promotional blurb and set it up as a “messenger ad” within Facebook.

This means they’ll be sliding into your DMs in order to get the results-in-advance doc.

Having them chasing YOU rather than you chasing them.

Getting them off of their newsfeeds and into your ‘ecosystem’ – aka your (and their) Facebook messenger app – where you have more control over the conversation.

Ok, so first things first…

Set up your own Facebook Ads Manager. If you don’t have one yet, YouTube it real quick to set one up.

You don’t “need” to have one but trust me, it’ll make your life much easier once you do.


After you create a new campaign, choose “Messages” as your campaign objective, like so:

After that, you have the chance to test the 3 tiny audiences you picked on ‘step one’:

Make sure you pick the right gender, age, location, and interests.

And finally, on the ad level, you enter your promotional blurb from ‘step three’ and a simple Canva graphic you can create for free that details the results-in-advance doc. Just like this:

Now all you gotta do is press “Publish” and wait for the Facebook minions to approve and display your ad and you’re off to the races.

TO-DO: write a simple promotional blurb describing the ‘results-in-advance doc’ and run a messenger ad with the 3 tiny audiences you chose in ‘step one’. 

But did you think we were finished?

Sorry, but if you want to see how the pieces are put together…

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