“Let’s MMMake It Happen”

~David ‘ Lord’ Rosa

Hey Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

David here, thanks for joining us.

If you’re here, then you’ve made it through the short version of the Magnetic Expert

That’s impressive…

Your time is valuable.

We don’t take that lightly.

This is why we’ve sent you an email about what people have told us their largest problems are…

After 3.9 weeks of zoom calls, we’ve heard a gamut of things…

from Millennials don’t buy or appreciate sh**”

to, “…ughhh...these prospects just don’t understand what they’re missing…

but the most common problem they all had together… was something different.

It was an eye-opener for us which helped us adjust our entire goals.

Wanna know what it was?

Go NoW! check your for an email that looks like this:



then drag that email into your “Primary Tab” like so:


annnd that’s all.     oh yeah……… it’s coming. on its way to you right now 

Talk soon,

David Rosa

The guy behind the curtain