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1000 Plug & Play Subject Lines

Ryan Deiss & Frank KernJohn Carlton & Traffic ‘n’ Funnels
Roy Furr & Ian StanleyRich Schefren & Andre Chaperon
Jay Abraham & Todd BrownBilly Gene & Kevin Rogers
Bob Bly & AWAIJeff Walker & Ryan Levesque
Russell Brunson & Jason FladlienJoe Polish & Dan Kennedy

Thanks for picking up the 1,000 subject lines. 

If you aren’t familiar with these names, that’s fine. 

They are marketers who have to produce results from their emails in order to eat. 

They’ve all been in business for over 10 years. 

With this resource, you have the opportunity to find hooks, ideas, and topics to write about. The main goal here is speed.

This can be enough to generate a TON of ideas for emails…

…Yet if you want a little more help writing effective emails quickly. 

By having a good email structure & persuasive elements, your life can be easier.

Sometimes there is a lot to consider when you’re creating emails that sell.

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