The Magnetic Expert Campaign


Want to get pre-qualified prospects sliding into *your* DMs without breaking the bank?

❌ Without cold calling.
❌ Without cold emailing.
❌ Without cold messaging.

Without having to write tons of content or hour-long webinars or having to post on a million different groups or having to create time-consuming assets ahead of time without knowing if there’s demand for your supply.

You likey?

But wait…

That’s not even the best part of what I’m about to show ya.

The best part is:

✅ You’ll get to be positioned as a credible authority and trusted advisor from the start.

You’ll get to have people in your target market starting conversations with you rather than the other way around.

✅ You’ll get to choose who you want to work with based on a pipeline of prospects who might need your help.

✅You’ll finally see if people truly want what you have to offer. (Validating your genius one conversation at a time)

And you can have it all ready to go in a day or two.

Oh and guess what?

You don’t even need:

🚫 A list.
🚫 Tech skillz.
🚫 Big budget.
🚫 Name-recognition.

The only thing you need is your expertise and a willingness to help those who need it most.

(And a little bit of cash to measure demand for your supply)


Then check this out:

In this workshop, we broke down the Magnetic Expert campaign so you can use it too & start getting pre-qualified prospects sliding into your DMs for pennies on the dollar.

What is the Magnetic Expert campaign?

It’s a simple 5-step process I created to get the attention of cold strangers and turn them into lukewarm prospects who might want to buy my stuff.

It’s bare-bones.
It’s minimum-viable-everything.
It’s as simple as it gets.

And it’s easily implement-able (is that a word?) FAST.

❗️WARNING❗️ This is NOT a presentation or webinar where I’ll spend an hour stroking my ego telling all my accomplishments and teaching you theory you don’t need. You’ll see my process from top to bottom in actionable steps you can take in a day or two.

In fact, I’ll even give you a mini-workbook that once you fill it out, you’ll have 90% of your own Magnetic Expert campaign ready to go.

On top of that, you’ll get the recording, the slides, the audio, and the transcript.

The price is a WHOPPING $27

I’m sure you can find $27 under the car seat or in the couch. The investment is quite ridiculous for the potential upside IF used.

Oh, and we’ve also created an additional video series of the Magnetic Expert Campaign. You’ll get all of that goodness.

Wait wait wait… Quickly check out what some of the attendees have said about the workshop at the bottom of the page “⬇️⬇️⬇️


👉If you want pre-qualified prospects sliding into your DMs…
👉If you want to be positioned better and higher than your current sitch…
👉If you want to have conversations with people in your marketplace…
👉If you want those conversations to be started by them and not you…
👉If you want quick feedback on your offers by your own target market…
👉If you want to stop the feast and famine of the business…
👉If you want to finally validate the genius you’ve so worked hard to get…
👉If you want to stop writing content and just focus on ONE strategic piece…
👉If you want to share your message and solution with the ones who need it most…
👉If you want results FAST…
👉If you want to differentiate yourself from everyone else just looking to make a quick buck.

Then I highly suggest you jump in.

❤ ya.

~racsO #adnerd
~Lord Rosa

P.S. By the way…

With the Magnetic Expert campaign…

You can also build a list of pre-qualified prospects who might want what you sell.

I just did this for an ad agency and got almost 400 peeps to join their list using the Magnetic Expert campaign.

I’ll show ya in the mini-workshop 😉

P.P.S. Just in case you want to know what other peeps are saying about our stuff: