For experts who sell their expertise through products and services:

How I got 108 *pre-qualified* prospects sliding into my DMs for cheap.

Want to know how to predictively and affordably attract cold strangers and turn them into lukewarm prospects?

Who also, may want to buy your products & services?

Then you’re in the right place cuz I’m about to show you how I do it from beginning to end 🙂

No fluff. No filler. No BS.

Just straight-to-the-point actionable steps you can take in a day or two to get pre-qualified prospects sliding into your DMs – without breaking the bank.


If you’ve been around for a while, you’ve probably heard you need to do a bunch of stuff to promote your genius.

Organic content… 3-hour long webinars… cold emailing… cold calling… cold messaging… posting on groups… funnel building… recording a bunch of videos… and even setting up all the ‘integrations’ to connect them all…


My brain’s heart just teared up from reading all of that 😢

There’s no denying…

These things take a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of skills, and most of the time, a lot of green paper – aka mucho dinero.

Trust me, I know. Been there, done that, and whatnot.

Now, don’t get me wrong…

I’m not dismissing those tasks at all. They work – if you use ‘em the right way, of course.

The issue here is performing them *before the REALLY important stuff*.

You know, without knowing for a fact whether your target market wants what you’re selling.

Demand vs supply and all of that.


With what I’m about to show you…

You’ll be able to:

Position yourself as a credible authority from the start… have people chasing YOU rather than the other way around… pre-qualify, pre-select, and pre-sell interested prospects…

❌ Without a website.
❌ Without endless funnels and upsells.
❌ Without writing email sequences ahead of time.
❌ Without having to awkwardly cold-message people as soon as they accept your friend-request asking them “how they’re doing?” to then bait-and-switch their asses off and end up as a viral meme.


Let me show you how I got 108 pre-qualified prospects sliding into my DMs for cheap.

To do that, I need to tell you about the Transactional Triangle first.

What’s the Transactional Triangle?

It’s the core of this simple campaign. Its North Star. Its heart. The engine the campaign runs on.

And it looks like this:

As you can see, the Transactional Triangle contains 3 components:

  1. Hungry Audience.
  2. Sexy Offer.
  3. Bridging Mechanism.

So let’s break ‘em down, shall we?

Component #1: Hungry Audience.

Before I started, I had to nail down exactly who I wanted to attract and who I wanted to repel.

I wanted to purposely disqualify the people I couldn’t help, so I could put all my focus on those I could.

To do this, I need to know:

  • A “call-out” that would encompass my specific target market.
  • The problem my audience was facing and the solution I provided.
  • 3 ‘differentiators‘ to target and test (see below).

My target market was “ambitious small business owners” so I used a variation of this as my call-out.

The problem my audience faced was not having great local exposure or traffic. The solution I provided was the opposite: free and cheap ways to get more local exposure to their businesses.

The 3 ‘differentiators’ I used were:

  1. Small business owners (this is an obvious one)
  2. Gary Vaynerchuck (an industry figure they may know about)
  3. Facebook page admins (cuz chances are, they own businesses too).

{Differentiators: My audiences’ common traits, interests, tools}

With this in mind, I moved on to…

Component #2: Sexy Offer.

At this point, I need to create something my lovely audience would want or need in order to progress toward their goals.

Or at least pull them out of that dark hole they’re stuck in.

In this case, small business owners (my audience) suffer from not getting enough local exposure and traffic.

So that was exactly my solution:

“7 simple ways to promote your business locally without breaking the bank

I broke the seven ways down in a short “one-pager” like the one you’re reading now and gave it away as the solution to their problem.

Plus, once I had this “one-pager” ready to go, I wrote a simple “promotional blurb” to describe & promote it.

(I don’t call this an “ad” anymore since it has negative connotations and it makes us overthink when writing it)

And it looked like this:

Nothing fancy.

Nothing flashy.

Just straight-to-the-point.

Describing what the “one-pager” was and letting that offer in itself do all the heavy lifting.


I went to and created a simple image for free encapsulating the “one-pager” and the offer into a simple image like this one:

After this step, there was only one thing missing…

Component #3: Bridging Mechanism.

Pretty much, I needed a platform to display the “one-pager.” Mainly so it is shown only small business owners who are ambitious and want to grow.

Guess what?

Since I wanted pre-qualified prospects sliding into my DMs…

I used Facebook *messenger* ads.

In other words…

I “hired” Facebook’s algorithm to go and find me the exact people I wanted and those who were most inclined to send me a message to ask for my “one-pager”.

That’s around ten thousand eyeballs on my stuff – for pennies on the dollar.

Nowhere in human history were you able to sit from the comfort of your home and display your messages to literally thousands (to hundreds of thousands) of targeted people for cents – and have them actually contact you for a couple of dollars each.

It’s a no-brainer, I tell ye.

So I created a Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager (just a quick Google search will do) and went to town.

Then I picked my 3 differentiators as audiences to reach AND test:

NOTE: It’s always good to test and let your audience tell you with their actions what they want and don’t want rather than just guessing.


And then I pressed the “publish” button and off to the races!

Guess what happened next?

I started getting ambitious business owners sliding into my DMs who wanted to grow and knew they needed help to do so.

They were starting conversations with me!

Want your DMs to look like this?

(Pardon the speed but to create a gif you only have 6 seconds so I had to scroll fast)

Yes, those are all the people who saw my message and went to slide into my DMs asking for help.

Pretty cool, huh?

The best part:

Now they’re in *my* world, in *my* ecosystem where I can talk to them, ask questions, get feedback, and help them further.

And if it makes sense, I can recommend tailored products or services based on their specific wants and needs.

Cuz they *will* tell you what they want and need. Trust me.

You just gotta ask the right questions and position yourself as a trusted advisor and credible authority who has their best interests at heart.

And the process I just walked you through helps you do exactly that.

Take a look:

Imagine magnetically attracting folks who are desperate & suffering from the exact problem you solve sliding into your DMs asking *you* for help.

What would that do for your expert business?

  • To be positioned the right way from the very beginning.
  • To attract only those who you can help best.
  • To get feedback on your offers FAST.
  • To fully measure demand for your supply without creating time-consuming assets first.

Me likey.

You likey?

Oh and by the way…

I’ve used the same exact process to get my phone swamped with texts:

And to build email lists real fast:


That’s exactly how I got 108 pre-qualified prospects sliding into my DMs 🙂


And hey… Lord Rosa and I actually did a full mini-workshop explaining, detailing, and guiding a bunch of folks through the exact campaign. From soup to nuts, start to finish.

Wanna check it out? Click the Button Below that says “Magnetic Expert Workshop”

-racsO #adnerd
-Lord Rosa

P.S. By the way…

I call this whole process:

The Magnetic Expert campaign.

And like I said above, Lord Rosa and I have a workshop, with slides, a workbook, and the recordings of it all.

So you get pre-qualified prospects sliding into *your* DMs for cheap.

But I doubt you care much about it being “cheap” chances are, if you’re like anyone we know…

…you just want to get rid of the ridiculous overwhelm of killing your fingers on the keyboard, and messaging randoms on social media. Joining groups and bothering people on a regular basis, half begging to jump into your programs.

This is the stepping stone to eliminating the feast and famine. These principles are timeless and if you wanna learn more, click the button below.