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I won’t bore you with numbers and stats like…

“Over a third of your subscribers decide whether or not they will open your message based on the subject”


“Nearly 70% of consumers mark messages as spam just based on the subject line”. (Source: Neil Patel)

We both know in order to get your emails read… your links clicked… and your products and services sold… them emails have to be opened first.

No opens = nothing.


Wanna know how to write “must-open” subject lines easily-er and quickly-er?

Cool beans.

Here are twenty-three types of subject lines that are proven to work:

If for any reason under the sun, you’re stuck & can’t seem to come up with email content ideas (or subject lines that’ll give you ideas for email content)

…use these templates for instant inspiration:

One: Curiosity-inducing.

It’s in our DNA.

As humans, we’re curious by nature. Our brains can’t handle the mystery behind the curtain. We squeal and squirm in angst wondering what is on the other side.

All that’s needed is a simple tease.

Example: Is this the hottest career in marketing?

Template: is this the hottest [niche topic] in [niche]?

Two: Numbers.

I read a study recently that analyzed 115 million emails.

They said email open and reply rates are higher when a number is in the subject line.

Need I say more?

Example: 63-Point Checklist for Creating the Ultimate Optin Form

Template: [number]-point checklist for [reach desired goal]

Three: FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Think about it. If there’s a chance you will miss out on the deal of your life… would you take that chance?

We don’t want to miss out on anything, no matter how big or small.

That’s what we’re going after here: urgency and scarcity that pushes fence-sitters into action.

Example: Tonight only: A denim lover’s dream

Template: [timeframe] only: A [target audience]’s dream

Four: News.

Announcements, updates, and ‘newsy’ stuff get attention. Especially if it’s about a topic of interest.

Example: Email Marketing Announcement: Enrollment is Back Open

Template: [topic] announcement: Enrollment is back open

Five: Personalized.

Call people out.

Whether you call out their name, interest, job title, country of origin, or whatever category your subscriber fits in.

When your audience feels your message is made personally for them, they have no choice but to open the email.

Example: racsO, new must-haves for your office

Template: [fname], new must-haves for your [niche topic]

Six: Quotes.

“Quote someone famous with a genius quote relevant to your message… & subscribers will open the email.” -Gandhi. (Just kidding, that was me!)

Example: “The most important thing is a hungry market. Not a brilliant burger” ~ Gary Halbert

Template: [use any quote by a recognized person in your marketplace]

Seven: How-to.

A classic.

Especially if you divulge information your subscribers are eager to learn or discover. Can’t really miss this one.

Example: How to generate dozens of subject line ideas in 5 minutes.

Template: How to [reach desired goal] in [timeframe].

Eight: WIIFM. (What’s in it for me?!)

Humans are self-absorbed.

Get to the point and tell subscribers what they’ll get by opening your email and they might open it.

If they already want what you offer… this is an easy opener.

Example: Here’s how to create a WooCommerce store in 15 easy steps

Template: Here’s how to [achieve desired goal] in [number] easy steps

Nine: Controversial.

Ah, controversy. Definitely an attention-grabber.

This type of subject line will attract those who agree with you and repel the folks who disagree.

Though it will raise an emotional response from both sides. Use sparingly.

*Sidenote* This will help solidify your positioning in the eyes of your fans. Great for brand building.

Example: Your Marketing Sucks: Why You Need to Think Local

Template: Your [topic] sucks. Why you need to think [different topic]

Ten: Question?


Open-ended (or even ‘yes’ or ‘no’) questions get opened. Especially when subscribers wanna know the answer.

Example: Want to know 4 ridiculously simple ways to instantly earn more as a freelance writer?

Template: Want to know [number] ridiculously simple ways to instantly [achieve the desired goal] as a [audience]?

Eleven: Story-driven.

Another thing ingrained in our DNA since the caveman era, painting in caves are stories.

Tell the beginning of a story and I wanna know how it ends (therefore ensuring the click/open).

Example: A typo that cost me $15,000

Template: [insert the beginning of a relevant story to your audience here]

Twelve: Current events.

Robert Collier, a legend of direct response copy, said “always enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind”.

Tie an email subject with an event EVERYONE knows about and you’ll get some opens.

This is “newsjacking 101”. You hijack their interest and enter the conversation already inside their brain.

Example: How these small businesses thrived without PPP loans

Template: How these [audience] thrived without [niche topic]

Thirteen: Humor.

Get a chuckle and you might get a click.

It’s lighthearted, elicits a positive emotion, and showcases your personality (which leads to stronger bonds with subscribers).

Example: Deals That Make Us Proud (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)

Template: [niche topic] that make us proud (unlike our nephew, [name])

Fourteen: Quick-fix.

So you’re telling me I’ll reach my goal quickly-er, fastly-er, and easily-er?

SHEEEEESH!!!! I’ll open that email in a heartbeat. Wouldn’t you?

Thought so.

Example: Grow your email list 10X ⚡ faster with these 30 content upgrade ideas

Template: [reach desired goal] 10x faster with these [deliverable]

Fifteen: Timeframe.

Similar to the “quick-fix”, but actually include a deadline. Maybe how long it would take to reach a specific goal your subscribers want.

Example: This will help you lose an inch in 7 days

Template: This will help you [achieve goal] in [timeframe]

Sixteen: Comparison.

We, humans, determine our social and personal worth based on how we stack up against others.

And we need to find that information out. ASAP.

Example: 12 problems all digital marketers understand – do you relate?

Template: [number] problems all [audience] understand – do you relate?

Seventeen: Weird.

A total head-scratcher.

I believe John Carlton called it ‘incongruous juxtaposition’.

The fact that it kinda doesn’t make sense will grab attention and conjure a sense of curiosity.

Curiosity always works well when you want the click.

Example: What a cat can teach you about achieving the writer’s life

Template: What [unrelated topic] can teach you about the [audience]’s life

Eighteen: Proof.

If you don’t brag about your product or service, then who will?

Let subscribers know what others are saying about you. It ain’t bragging if it’s true, right?

Lay down some numbers and facts about yourself.

Demonstrate and show your wins.

Example: Find Out Why This Fave Is Sold Every 10 Seconds…

Template: Find out why this [deliverable] is sold every [timeframe]…

Nineteen: Exclusivity.

This is another level of personalization.

Sometimes you want to reach the top 1%, the cream of the crop. How? Qualify them straight up.

Example: Open this if you’re a copywriter making six figures a year

Template: Open this if [exclusive qualifier]

Twenty: CTA. (Call-to-action)

Sometimes you talk about a topic for 5 days in a row. The next step is to simply lead the audience to a specific action.

Just cut through the fat and get to the point.

Example: Persuasion workshop: Come join us at 12pm EST

Template: [deliverable]: Come join us at [time]

Twenty-one: Case study.

Give your subscribers a glimpse of what’s possible. You can break down how others have achieved the same goal they deeply desire.

Example: What It’s Really Like to Start an Ultra-Successful Company: Meet Moz’s Rand Fishkin

Template: What it’s like to [reach desired goal]: meet [known entity]

Twenty-two: Single word.

If you’re on Frank Kern’s list, you’ll see these every now and then.

If you’re not, I urge you to join cuz you’re missing out. But the idea here is to use one word as a subject line since it breaks the monotony and stands out.

This works best when you have a strong affinity & bond with your audience.

Example: hello

Template: [really? just use one ANY word known to man and build from there]

Twenty-three: Borrowed credibility.

Want to associate with the “big players” your audience already recognizes?

Use their name and credibility to strengthen a point or corroborate your knowledge.

Someway-somehow, this technique will connect and associate you with said big industry players. PSyChoLogY baby!

Example: Mark Ford’s secrets on how to become independently wealthy

Template: [known entity]’s secrets on how to [reach the desired goal]

That’s that.

Start playing around with these types of subject lines and, chances are, checking your email stats will be more fun than it is now.



It’s pleasant to see improvement in open rates, clicks, replies, and recognition.

Feels real good, to be honest.

In your mind’s heart and in your bank’s wallet.

And again…

It doesn’t matter how ‘perfect’ the content of an email can be… how engaging the copy is… how well it was written… if no one opens that email.

It all starts with the subject line.

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