Three main problems keeping experts stuck (and how to get unstuck). 

There’s a reason why most experts get stuck.

Well, three, actually.

The bad thing?

I’ve experienced them before. And I see others going through them as well. On a daily basis.

The good thing?

They’re fixable.

The best thing?

I’m gonna break it all down to you right here right now...

  • So you can get unstuck. 

  • So you can spread the word to the ones who need it most. 

  • So you can make good money by actually helping people. 

  • So you can shine through your expertise and be seen as *the* go-to authority in your field or industry. 

  • So you can sustain your own business by yourself while bringing joy to yours and others.


Let’s start with the first problem that might be keeping where you are with no clear path to move forward... 

Problem one: “Build it and they will come”.

That’s how most experts operate, sadly.

Not because they’re lazy or mean-spirited. Only because they don’t know what they don't know. After all, when we learn and develop our expertise, we’re really good at the thing we do, but not at talking about it.

Which, let me tell you, it’s a whole ‘nother skill completely.

But no one really warns us about it though, right?


At the end of the day, we can be the very best at what we do, but if no one is aware of it, we won't sell a thing.

It's basic math.

On the flipside...

We *could* end up trying to 'do' marketing and start advertising here and there - only to see no returns.

Burning money like crazy trying to make something work.

And hey, sometimes that works. But it’s not sustainable, is it?

Hope is not a sustainable business model.

But you know what is?

Building a replicate-able, bare-bones system that's easily tweaked and can be scaled. One that works by itself, almost without you. Keep reading and I’ll tell you all about it - right here right now.

Problem two: All-pitch vs no-pitch.

The second problem is either we pitch all the time or we don’t ever pitch at all.

Think about it:

You probably fall under either one of those categories, don’t you?

Making offers and running sales all the time, in every email and in every post.

So much so that our audience gets tired of us and they start tuning themselves out.


We barely ever make a pitch and then we wonder why we’re not making any money.

Let me tell you something:

Selling is NOT evil.

In fact, it’s necessary.

Especially, if you’re reading these words right now. Chances are, you actually care and want to put out value into the market rather than make a quick sale at all costs.

That’s why it’s our duty and our responsibility to put our stuff into the hands of the ones who need it most.

Because you know what the alternative is?

Our audience goes to a lesser competitor offering a lesser product or service and miss out on an opportunity to transform their lives with our stuff.

That’s a no-no in my book.

Or even worse…

They don’t do anything at all and stay complacent and content where they are at - suffering from a problem we can help them solve.

Which is also a no-no in my same book.

We must sell our stuff.

Especially, if we know wholeheartedly it changes lives.

The key?

Finding a balance between too-much-pitch and no-pitch-at-all through behaviorally-triggered messaging tailored to each specific customer journey so that they feel cared for and they end up selling themselves.

I'll tell you all about it in a little bit, but first...

Problem three: Tactics vs strategy.

The third problem that might be keeping you stuck is focusing on tactics vs strategy.

Let me explain:

I’m a self-proclaimed #adnerd and been in this industry for about ten years or so. And if you add Lord Rosa’s time in-the-trenches, it should be around 20+ years of accumulated time doing this stuff.

Only to say we’ve seen some sh!t.

And after following top marketing experts like Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, and Ryan Deiss and analyzing their materials and promotions…

And having gone through the classics like Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham…

(/start parenthesis

Here’s a picture of Lord Rosa hanging out with Dan Kennedy when they were both in their late 50’s:

/end parenthesis)

We’ve put the pieces together.

Based on what we actually see happening - NOT on the products and services they sell. They’re just pieces of the puzzle.

Now, I’m not telling you they don’t work. They 100% do. But they’re only a cog in the machine. Not the whole system itself.

It irks me, really.

Because I've bought A LOT of very expensive products that solved part of my marketing problem but not the whole.

There was always a need for another. And another. And another.

Feel me?

If I were to put it into a metaphor, I’d say it's like having a boat and giving it a fresh coat of paint *first* rather than plugging the holes causing it to sink.

I knew I needed to build the foundation ahead of everything else. Otherwise, whatever I put on top would crumble.


I didn’t have a plan for the longest time. No roadmap to follow or blueprint to build from.

So I figured I should put one together.

And if you ask Lord Rosa, he’ll tell you we’ve spent a looooooooong long time developing it.

Cuz we knew it had to be right. And it had to work from the get-go.

And it had to be minimal. We didn't want to flood the market with even more information. Especially, when TRANSFORMATION is what we're after.

It wasn’t just for us anymore but for others counting on us.

So we put our balding heads together and instead of creating more products and trainings about more tactics and new shiny silver bullets, we built the infrastructure of our expert marketing business in a piece of digital paper. In "Notes" to be more specific.

We knew we had to strip the fat and keep it bare-bones.

And we went back to the basics...

We kept it simple and based it all on Boring Fundamentals that are centered around human nature and buyer-psychology that hasn’t changed since the beginning of time.

Having worked with multiple experts in multiple industries throughout the years and having been hired-guns 6-to-8 figure agencies with responsibilities like generating demand and leads and managing 200,00+ subscriber databases...

We came up with this:

The Magnetic Expert System.

The Magnetic Expert System solves all three of the main expert marketing problems we talked about above.

It’s crafted with the bare minimum needed to spread the word out to the ones who need it most.

You know, the ones suffering from the urgent problem that you solve with your paid solution.

It’s the process most of these expert marketing legends I’ve studied follow for their main business. Combined with our twenty years in the trenches. And extracting only the absolutely necessary.

No fluff or filler whatsoever. I know you ain't got time for that.

The Magnetic Expert System has three stages to attract cold strangers into your ecosystem and turn them into lukewarm prospects who might want to buy what you sell.

Wanna know more about it?

Click or tap the button below to learn more about the three stages of expert marketing - which is the roadmap I wish I had back in the day to getting myself and my business unstuck.

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