100 fully-templatized subject lines from the world’s top marketers.

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I won’t bore you with numbers and stats like…

“Over a third of your subscribers decide whether or not they will open your message based on the subject”


“Nearly 70% of consumers mark messages as spam just based on the subject line”. (Source: Neil Patel)

We both know in order to get your emails read… your links clicked… and your products and services sold… them emails have to be opened first.

No opens = nothing.


Wanna know how to write “must-open” subject lines easily-er and quickly-er?

Cool beans.

Here are 100 fully-templatized subject lines from the world’s top marketers:

If for any reason under the sun, you’re stuck & can’t seem to come up with email content ideas (or subject lines that’ll give you ideas for email content)

…use these templates for instant inspiration:

#1 Ryan Deiss

#2 Frank Kern

#3 Roy Furr

#4 Ian Stanley

#5 Jay Abraham

#6 Todd Brown

#7 Billy Gene

#8 Kevin Rogers

#9 Dan Kennedy

#10 John Carlton

That’s that.

Start writing and sending email with these templates and, chances are, checking your email stats will be more fun than it is now.



It’s pleasant to see improvement in open rates, clicks, replies, and recognition.

Feels real good, to be honest.

In your mind’s heart and in your bank’s wallet.

And again…

It doesn’t matter how ‘perfect’ the content of an email can be… how engaging the copy is… how well it was written… if no one opens that email.

It all starts with the subject line.

With that in mind…

I gathered 1,000 subject lines from the top marketers in the world today who MUST get results or else they don’t eat...

and fully-templatized their subject lines for ya.

Want them?

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