Magnetic Expert Manifesto

To understand what a Magnetic Expert is, we must first understand what a Magnetic Expert is not. 

A Magnetic Expert is not:

❌ Selfish. 

❌ Money-hungry. 

❌ Afraid to innovate.. to test… to fail.  

A Magnetic Expert is someone who knows their stuff and wants to share it at scale. 

And spread it all over the world’s ear-holes.

With those who’ll listen… who they resonate with… who believe in what they believe in… 

…while polarizing and repelling the ones who don’t.

Constantly qualifying prospective clients through their personality, language, and belief-system. 

“Being themselves”, as the cool kids call it.

A Magnetic Expert attracts. A Magnetic Expert never chases. 

A Magnetic Expert gives. A Magnetic Expert also takes. 

A Magnetic Expert understands that in order to share their expertise, an equal exchange of money for value must happen. 

A Magnetic Expert gets p-p-p-paid. 

And they get paid what they’re worth. 

Because they know wholeheartedly what’s in their brain is worth something. 

Especially as it helps people achieve their goals. 

After all…

A Magnetic Expert who’s not worried about money can focus fully on providing the most value. 

Reaching more people. 

Perfecting their own craft. 

So they can reach (and help) even more people. 

Perpetuating the cycle. 

Optimizing their systems. 

Sharpening their tools. 

A Magnetic Expert is always learning. 

In a never-ending state of curiosity. 

With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. 

And service to their audience. 

A Magnetic Expert has come to terms with the fact that information is free everywhere. 


That’s why…

They encapsulate their years of experience and trials and errors so that others can benefit from them. 


And in easily digestible chunks. 

So that their audience can avoid pain, suffering, and obstacles they would’ve otherwise faced by themselves.  

For a price. 

A hefty fee. 


A Magnetic Expert offers shortcuts, speed of implementation, and learning-curve shortening. 

That they had to learn themselves the hard way. 

A Magnetic Expert solves problems. 

A Magnetic Expert sells results. 




Most of all…

A Magnetic Expert leverages leverage itself. 

Maximum results. Minimum effort. 

That’s what it’s all about.

Bare-bones stuff.

No nonsense. 

No hype.  

No BS. 

Just sticking to them Boring Fundamentals. 

Unlike others…

A Magnetic Expert is aware not all campaigns will be winners. 

Not without diligent testing, tweaking, and optimizing – at least. 

So why work so hard initially?

And spend so much money and time ahead of time. 

Why create complicated funnels and long email sequences and 3-hour webinars without knowing whether the product or service will sell or not beforehand?

Seems backwards to me (and to John C. Riley)


A Magnetic Expert creates, builds, and launches “minimum-viable-everything”. 

To prove the concept first

To measure the demand for their supply.

And then build upon proven foundations. 

Without reinventing the wheel. 

As I said, plain ol’ Boring Fundamentals pave the way for Magnetic Expert success. 


Among all things…

Magnetic Experts are trusted advisors and experienced leaders who lead and advise even before money exchanges hands. 


Through solving problems and selling results. 

Displaying their expertise and cementing their authority in the process.

Never showing up empty-handed. But also never leaving empty-handed either. 


Always questioning what’s considered “normal”. 

Creating their own rules rather than following others’ blindly. 

On top of it all…

Magnetic Experts care.

They truly give a shit.

They’re students of the game and do it for the love of the game itself.

They enjoy it.

Breathe it.

Live it.

They’d do it all for free. And for fun. But they get paid to do it. Which is also fun.


Since you know what it is and isn’t…

Let me ask you…

Are *you* a Magnetic Expert?

If you’re still reading, chances are you’re on your way to being one – if you’re not one already. 

I appreciate that. 


I think we should stay in touch. 


Two things..


An exclusive Facebook group where we Experts get together and talk shop.

Where we download our many years of marketing strategy onto everyone in the simplest way known to humans.

No shaming, or worrying about “dumb” questions (they don’t really exist. if I don’t understand something, I’ll ask)


Every once in a while, I send an email to my email list (that you can reply to)

Sometimes with tips and shortcuts. 

Sometimes with valuable insights and actionable information. 

Sometimes with jokes. 

Sometimes not at all. 

Sometimes Lord Rosa himself will send you emails. 

(/start parenthesis

Who’s Lord Rosa? My partner in crime and an OG Magnetic Expert in his own right.

Here he is with grumpy Dan Kennedy when they both had way more hair than they do now:

/end parenthesis)


As I was saying…

When you do get our emails…

It’s because we have something worth saying. 

Something you might wanna know. 

Cuz it’ll help you grow your business and all the other cool stuff that comes with that. 

And no… 

I won’t just hard-sell you products and services and shove them down your throat every damn day.  

Though I will sometimes. 

Only when I think it’ll leapfrog you to your goals of attracting the right prospective clients your way who can afford you and want to know what you know. 

You in?


Since you’re still here reading these words, I’m assuming you’re still thinking about it. I respect that.

But how about this?

After you enter the name your parents gave you when you were born and the best email to reach you at, I’ll give you access to my Magnetic Expert campaign.

The Magnetic Expert campaign is a simple way to attract cold strangers and turn them into lukewarm prospective clients who might be interested in buying what you’re selling.

It’s only 5 steps broken down into 5 emails.

You with me?


After you place your information into the fields, you’ll be taken to the group.

At the same time, the first email will be shuttled to your inbox.

Guess I’ll see you on email #1.

Thank you for reading and talk soon 🙂

-racsO #adnerd